GROW Community Garden launches a new community seed library

Seeds are the starting point for food growing and every harvest is another opportunity for collecting and saving more seeds. Growing food has so many benefits for physical and mental health as well as the excitement of eating fruit and vegetables that you have grown with your own hands! We are in the process of starting a new community seed library to be hosted at GROW Community Garden in Pyrles Lane, Loughton. The seed library will encourage the exchange and sharing of seeds among local growers so that more people in the community can benefit from growing.

How does it work? 

The seed library will be open to the public during the opening hours of GROW Community Garden and everyone is welcome to come and take or donate seeds. Basic information on donated seed will need to be written on the seed envelope and any seeds taken or given should be recorded in our logbook to help us track the use of our new library. And that’s it!

How can I help? 

In time, we hope that we can hold a wide range of vegetable, flower and herb seeds but we need the help of the community to help us build up our library! Do you have any excess or unwanted seeds (not too old!) that you would like to donate to help us build up our library? If so please come along to GROW Community Garden on Saturdays and Wednesdays between 10:30am to 1pm to make your seed donation!

Please help us spread the word and share your seeds with the library!

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