Holiday Club – Loughton

In partnership with Active Essex we have been running a Holiday Club at the Oakwood Hill Community Centre with great success. The club is focused on children that would normally receive free school meals and provides opportunities for them to engage with other local children and get involved in a variety of activities such as […]

Peaced Together

Peaced Together is a creative arts course that helps the participants to look for the good that can come from negative and difficult experience using themed craft projects. In association with Peaced Together Peaced Together

Kintsugi Hope

A Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Group is a safe and supportive space: for people who feel or have felt overwhelmed. providing tools for self-management. in a facilitated peer mentoring style setting. In association with Kintsugi Hope Kintsugi Hope


Transforming Lives for Good is a programme that provides a friendly, professional and caring Early Intervention Coaching service to Primary and Secondary School children. In partnership with TLG

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark is a pre-school playgroup for children and their parents. The project is run by Restore Community staff together with a large group of committed volunteers from both Restore Community church and the local community and is open to the whole community who have children under school age, so includes: Families in social housing […]

Youth Club

A safe place for young people to meet in a highly positive environment where they can be welcomed and build relationships: a place where they can take advantage of opportunities to learn and engage with each other through play and other activities in an informal and fun context. Funding from Loughton Town Council

Grow Garden

GROW Community Garden is a food-growing project, with the purpose of bringing people together in a supportive and safe outdoor space to grow fruit and vegetables. The project aims to be inclusive and welcome people of any age, background or ability to take part and we value every person’s contribution. We have created a beautiful […]